Contents – Issue 27

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  1. My Nanny is Forgetful
    Maggie Bartlett
  2. Acceptance 
    Simran Kaur
  3. Waiting for an Interview
    Toby Garside
  4. Confession of a Lonely Giant
    Petra Rihan
  5. Misunderstanding 
    Madeleine Sudlow
  6. A Tudor Court
    Chloe Pick
  7. Accepted 
    Caitlin Lawrence 
  8. When the sea meets the horizon
    Anya Allden-Howells
  9. Suffocating Gaia
    Zoe Davies
  10. A Wooded Winter
    Simran Kaur
  11. Telephone of the Wind
    Sadeen Ahmad
  12. Summertime is Over
    Aaliyah Hickman
  13. October 24th
    Ruby McKie
  14. Remembrance Day Poem
    Abigail Higgott
  15. A Nonsense Poem
    Petra Rihan

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