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Suffocating Gaia

Suffocating Gaia
Zoe Davies

I ask you, 
Is existence worth existing?
Cause I can keep on listing,
The things that are wrong with this world,
But that wouldn’t make a very good poem,
Would it?

‘Cause I could say,
About the rubbish in the sea,
And the disease inside of me,
And the rising heat,
Which kills the grass,
Which cows eat,
And the cows will die,
And you won’t have your beef steaks and pie,
And humans will starve,
And those protesters and activists you ignored so many times will laugh,
And say,
“We did try to warn you,”
“Didn’t you see our posters and banners and signs?”
‘Cause now the world has stepped out of line,
You could’ve tried to stop it,
But instead, you just hopped it,
But on the other side it’s not pretty,
‘Cause the mud is all bitty,
And the sand is receding into the sea,
And we are dying, you and me,
And the water is rising, rising,
Getting ever more traumatising,
You want to stop it,
Don’t you?
But it’s too late,
So go back to your homes,
Don’t try think about the animals being driven from their biomes,
From deforestation,
For your paper,
For your farms,
For your food,

Or maybe,
Just maybe,
It’s not too late,
To save us all,
Are you listening,

Just take my hand,
And you will see,
This is not how earth was built to be.