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A Wooded Winter

A Wooded Winter
Simran Kaur

As night fell upon the wood
Of where all magic and animals stood,
The stars of blossom bloomed
And the moon’s silvery lances loomed.

Then the stars hollered an old woodland friend
And as all was slumbering and all set to rest at the day’s end,
The forest was restless in all it did
And the wind was dancing as a kid.

‘Twas winter that the wind came hand in hand,
Upon its wings was a silvery band,
The lady of pearls so shimmering and bright,
The lady of the fluffy, snowy white.

This friend of the forest was not barren,
Bleak or biting whilst flying like a heron 
Or nipping and snapping at the wood’s door,
Or melancholy to its core.

For winter clothed itself upon the woodland crown
With the raiment of feathery, white down
Of winter’s blooming blossoms that doth glow
Of winter’s sparkling cloak of snow.

This winter touched the restless land
And made the streams her icy glass mirror by her hand.
As she danced upon the world, upon the trees she doth trace
The frosty flowers of white silvery lace.

She bestowed upon the wind a special thing to avail
That would lure the wind from the distant dale,
With the icicles upon the arms of the trees
The wind sent music twinkling upon the air as they doth dangle and freeze.

And so now winter dances upon the land
And twirls amongst the trees so grand
And through to the wood’s deep heart
She created her icy glass upon the river as the wind doth dart.

And so as she veils the woodland world,
The wood with all the animals curled
And through the icy air she dances throughout the night
As she starts to take her flight.