For schools

Designed to inspire young writers, we have a range of resources – freely available – which have been provided by professional writers to act as a starting point for writing of all sorts. 

At Spark Young Writers, our emphasis is on creativity and ideas; to get writing on the page or tablet or phone or laptop. Being told there is no wrong way to write is empowering and freeing, especially when the usual emphasis is on correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. As long as your writing can be understood, it is the words and ideas that are the most important thing when being creative.

We created a guide for teachers designed to help make accessing reading and writing more appealing to teenagers. You can see an online version here.

We also run an annual Careers event for young people aged 16 – 22 interested in a career as a writer or in publishing, broadcasting, journalism or other related field. To receive updates about this, sign up to our mailing list. We also have some resources including an information booklet Jobs to Inspire You and a series of short videos where people explain their career path into those professions. You can find this information here.

So, you’ve got your class to write something, what next?

Spark Young Writers magazine

If your school is based in the West Midlands our Spark Young Writers’ magazine accepts submissions from young people aged 8 – 20. Please check our submission guidelines for the length of the pieces, maximum number per writer, and deadlines. 

The magazine is edited by a professional editor, and each submission will receive a response, whether or not it is accepted. 

Contact us if you are submitting on behalf of a class – we usually ask for parental consent, but will discuss on a case by case basis. 

What else?

Get Writing

If you’d like to submit a piece of your writing for possible inclusion in the magazine, please see the Get Involved page to see more details. This magazine is published online three times a year: summer (June/July), winter (October-December) and spring (February-April) terms.

Our Spark Young Writers groups for September 2023-June 2024 are now available to book, including three new junior groups for Staffordshire, starting in January 2024.


Young Writers can submit up to three pieces of writing to our online magazine. The deadline for submissions for Issue 28 is 26th March 2024. Full details can be found here.

Check out all our ideas for writing prompts at our Get Writing tab. A wide selection of images, videos and funsheets for young writers to complete.