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Child Safeguarding Hub

On this page you will find all the information you need, and that we need to gather, which relates to keeping children safe while we are working with them.

This link will take you to the Child Protection Policy which you need to read as a lead or assistant writer. You will sign a Code of Conduct to say that you have read it.

This is the Confidential Self-Declaration form we need you to complete as a lead or assistant writer. The information provided is only seen by our Child Protection Officer.

This is the link you can share with your referees.
We will need to take up two references before we can start working with you. This can be your most recent employer, or teacher, or someone you have known in their professional capacity. It shouldn’t be your spouse, or family member.

If you are worried about a child, or a child discloses something to you which makes you concerned for their welfare, please complete this document which will capture all the information needed by our Child Protection Officer to flag the issue to the relevant authorities. Remember: you must not keep secrets when a child’s safety is in question.

Get Writing

If you’d like to submit a piece of your writing for possible inclusion in the magazine, please see the Get Involved page to see more details. This magazine is published online three times a year: summer (June/July), winter (October-December) and spring (February-April) terms.

Our Spark Young Writers groups for September 2024-June 2025 will soon be available to book. 

Check back soon for details, including news of groups which are brand new for September 2024.

Spark Young Writers can submit up to 500 words of their writing for inclusion in this year’s Anthology. The deadline for submissions is 22nd July 2024. Full details can be found here.

Submissions for the 29th edition of the Spark Young Writer Magazine are also being accepted. The deadline is 29th November 2024.


Check out all our ideas for writing prompts at our Get Writing tab. 

A wide selection of images, videos and Funsheets for young writers to complete.