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Confidential Self-Declaration form

This form is for use by Lead and Assistant Writers as part of our safeguarding procedures. You can find details of our Child Protection Policy here.

The form will only be sent to Jonathan Davidson, our Child Protection Officer.

Dear Lead and Assistant writers

This Confidential Declaration Form applies to paid lead writers and volunteer assistant writers who are likely to be in regular contact with children. This form is strictly confidential and, except under complusion of law, will be seen only by those responsible for the appointment and, when appropriate the relevant safeguarding bodies. All forms will be kept securely under the terms of the Data Protection act 1998.

Note One

1. search for ‘filtering guidance’ and / or ‘rehabilitation of offenders act’

Note Two

2. Declare all that are not subject to DBS filtering rules (see note 1) including any equivalents obtained abroad except technical motoring offences leading only to a fine and no driving licence endorsements. If you are unsure how to respond you should seek independent advice.

Note Three

3. Significant harm involves serious ill-treatment of any kind including neglect. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or impairment of physical or mental health development. It will also include matters such as a sexual relationship with a young person or adult for whom you had pastoral responsibility or were in a position of trust

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