Birmingham 2022 – Our Birmingham

Writing West Midlands worked with poet and rapper Kurly McGeachie and filmmaker Paul Stringer to help 25 young Brummies make a series of poetry films to express their thoughts and feelings about living in Birmingham now, and ideas about what the Commonwealth means to them, ahead of the Games taking place in Birmingham in 2022. 

The young people began by talking about what Birmingham means to them and began to create a poem. They thought about how their words might be accompanied by visuals on screen and planned their film. Using a variety of means, including stop-motion animation and filming, they learnt how to edit the words and the visuals together to make a film. Some groups preferred to work collectively, and others wanted to take total ownership of the whole.

We hope you enjoy their creative responses.

Generously funded by Birmingham City Council, the films were made with a Creative City Grant as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

The Edge Academy

Harborne Academy

Film by Aliyah, from Harborne Academy

Film by Amir, Harborne Academy

Film by Sidney, Harborne Academy

Film by Aayan, Harborne Academy.

Film by Andrea, Harborne Academy.

Film by Em, Harborne Academy.

Film by Sana, Harborne Academy.

Film by Zahraa, Harborne Academy.

Film by Yoonis, Harborne Academy.

Film by William, Harborne Academy.

Film by Shanya, Harborne Academy.

Film by Kovan, Harborne Academy

Film by Yuvraj, Harborne Academy.

Film by Dominique, Harborne Academy.

King Edwards VI Balaam Wood Academy

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