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Welcome to Issue 11 of Spark Young Writers Magazine

Click here to read this issue. Published online in April 2017.

Spark Young Writers magazine is here to bring you the best young writing in the West Midlands and at the same time to bring the writers the experience of working on a real magazine. So there’s a submission process and I will reject or accept pieces exactly as I have done on any other magazine I’ve edited.

Curiously, though, there has been one single element of working on national magazines that I haven’t replicated here – until this issue.

This is the first time that as well as waiting for articles to be submitted, I’ve gone directly to a writer to ask for one. I’m used to commissioning writers to work on particular ideas or projects but this one was new even for me: I had seen a piece and I wanted it for this issue.

Daisy Aratoon read at the Bournville Children’s Book Festival in March and I saw one piece of hers that was exactly what I felt was missing from this issue. So thank you, Daisy, and also her agent – better known as her mum – for allowing me to include it.

I really am focused intently on making each issue the best read that I can and this time I think I re-learned a lesson I’d forgotten. Writers need to get their work out there and when they do, you get editors like me noticing you.

I hope that Spark Young Writers’ magazine helps this issue’s exceptional writers go further and farther.

William Gallagher – Spark Young Writers Magazine Editor

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