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When the sea meets the horizon

When the sea meets the horizon
Anya Allden-Howells

The lemon-sun danced upon the glistening diamond-blue ocean with grace,
as birds sang in harmony,

The clouds were soft and puffy:
perfect for little kids to dream soft dreams
without worries about nightmares,

Where the ocean meets the horizon
there is sudden hope and thy life may grow.

But as time passed and humans get more greedy,
no one would notice any of the beauty around them,
leaving hope to die.

As this went on, the ocean devoured ships
and crashed against the rocky shores.
It loomed its brick prey and crashes against them,

The electric-blue monster continues for years,
not meeting the horizon. Ever.

But one day, the angry ocean crashed down to its fate,

Where it crashed is where the horizon lies.

The sun beamed out, the ocean is still and people started to care.

Hope is united again.