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Caitlin Lawrence

I think every child should be accepted for who she or he is. There may be bad days and really good days but no matter what kind of day it is you still shine through, even if you will never see it there is this little thing inside of you that shines so bright.

Your voice should be accepted, your voice is important and I’m so sorry if your voice hasn’t been heard, hasn’t been listened to or has been silenced.

Your voice matters, no matter how big or small the situation may be, your voice should always be accepted and listened to.  

Everyone is unique in their own incredible ways.

People should be accepted for whoever they are. People should be accepted for their skin colour, beliefs, religion, how they look and their sexuality.

Everyone is deserving of happiness. Never lose sight of who you are and never apologise for being you. You should be accepted for who you are.

Don’t change for anyone, the best thing you can ever be is yourself.