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My Nanny is Forgetful

My Nanny is Forgetful
Maggie Bartlett

There is a supernanny living down the road. She bakes the most yummiest cakes in the world and her Victoria Sponge cake is softer than the clouds.

She gardens on the weekends. Her flowers are blindingly bright and you can smell the lavender from streets, even the butcher boy can smell them all the way from his shop.

At night time, when she is tucked up in bed, she knits the most magical scarfs that keep me toasty warm it looks like i’m wearing a rainbow draped around my neck.

The doctor came to nannies house today to check she is all well. Out came the magic tools to look inside her head. He said ”she’s starting to forget which will worsen over time”.

I’m glad my nanny taught me all the things I know so one day I can bake her the softest cakes, grow her the most fragrant flowers that the butcher boy can smell and knit her the most toastiest scarves to wear.

My nanny is forgetful but that’s not a problem now I will sit and teach her when she doesn’t remember how.