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The Legend of the Four Elements

The Legend of the Four Elements
Amber Wallbutton

“Are you listening Pinto? You asked for a bedtime story and I will only say it once,” Topaz told his younger brother softly.

“Okay. I’m coming now,” replied Pinto. “Also, Mum says you need to brush my mane and tail.”

“Alright. I’ll do that while I tell the story. Okay, once upon a time there were four elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. These conspicuous elements were both miraculous and powerful. The four elements took the form of horses like us and roamed the deepest woods and highest peaks. They worshiped Equestria our God and carried a prophesy. Wandering across snow and sand they found the place they longed for, evil Luna’s grave, a powerful sorceress.

“The prophesy foretold that the elements would combine their magic to open a portal, summoning the sorceress from her banishment beyond. But it would be an ordinary horse that would ultimately defeat her.

“That ordinary horse was your Grandfather Alpha. As foretold, Gust the Wind horse, Aqua the Water horse, Earth the Life horse and Flare the fire horse enlisted their power to create this mystic gateway. Luna burst forth from the darkness within and struck a piercing glare at the four, galloping off into the night. She had escaped, and the four elements had been reduced to mere glowing orbs.

“Grandfather Alpha was the first horse to stumble across these floating orbs. Suddenly, he heard a voice like an angel. Equestria instructed Grandfather to combine the lifeless, pulsing flares, reinstate the elements and tell them that Luna was to be overcome. So he did that very thing. After a matter of seconds, all four horses were gathered around Grandfather, listening to his every word.

“‘We can lure Luna here with our magic but you must be the one to make the final move,’ Gust said.

“Many hours passed until finally Luna became a speck on the horizon, rapidly approaching. Grandfather Alpha gathered all his courage and charged bravely towards her, hooves thrashing. One fated blow collided with the source of all her power, a glittering black twisted horn positioned in the centre of her forehead.

“For a few moments, Luna looked around in horror before slowly fading into the night.

“He was a true hero and we wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t risked his life.” Topaz finished.

“Did Grandfather know the four horses?” Pinto asked wiping his muzzle.

“Bed for you now, Pinto darling. Sleep is important and so is not scaring your younger brother with fairy tales before dusk,” called Mother.

“Don’t worry. I will tell you tomorrow,” Topaz whispered, and with that he flicked off the light switch and trotted out onto the landing.