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October 24th

October 24th
Ruby McKie

Red leaves
A black cat with a golden collar
blends into the bushes
and twisted trees

On a man-made path
Constructed out of wood and nails
Surrounded by marsh land
Lies a discarded tyre
A white pipe tainted yellow

Tree stumps
Trickling water
Dried wild flowers
My white Converse squelching on the mud path

A home tainted and worn
With a crack in the wall
shaped like a staircase

Chirping birds
Logs to rest upon
Nettles and wild flowers
Old brick

A plastic bottle
Stuck in between the dam
Green ivy
crawling up a tree trunk
Orange berries
speckled in the grass

A stone embedded path
The metal gate’s wire
woven around an oak

A cross road
busy traffic or a house
My coat trailing behind me
Tree bark patterned like animal skin

Mechanical bird
chirping constantly

A passer-by figure
Their phone clutched in the hand, counting
their BPM, their miles and their pace
in an automated voice

Wild mushrooms stuck in between the trees’ grooves
like gum
The sun shines in my eyes
and tells me that it’s all okay

A leaf falling
onto the wet, wild grass
These nettles
to avoid

A partly fallen tree branch
hanging down
caressing the water
A spider’s web
glistening and trembling

A leaf blower singing
A fly weaving
in and out of the brambles