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The Truth is a Lie

The Truth is a Lie

Elodie Turner Hurd

Why is it, that my mother is always so protective? I hate it. I can’t do anything I want, without her trailing after me. I know she loves me and all, but the only thing I really want is for her to let me start dancing. It is my dream. I have to do it: nothing can stop me now.

Morning mum I say as I force myself to get out of my ‘pit’ as my mum calls it.

Morning sweetheart she signs back to me. I look her up and down and see that she is wearing her grey tracksuit bottoms and I think, seriously?

Mum, can you at least put something other than those on? You look seriously weird. I sign accidentally saying Mum can you at least put bushes that are blue other than those. You look trees house. Luckily my mum understood what I was meant to say. She chuckled self-consciously to herself and signed, you need to go back to sign language class but I can’t let you out, so I’ll teach you.

No way. I can do sign language, it is easy as pie! I signed making her laugh again but then she stopped abruptly. What’s wrong mum? I ask getting worried as to why she was just staring into space. Nothing. She replied with a melancholy look on her face. Mummmmm, can I please start dancing class next week or even this week? I ask with a big smile at the end. Then she started to get angry No! You have asked me a million times and I have answered a million times! NO! NO! NO! And that is final! After this I stormed out of the house feeling angry, hurt and upset. How could she do this to me? I thought it’s all I ever wanted. Then I thought something very bad indeed, so bad I walked straight out into the road and…

I wake up to see my mother looking at me and I scream, sort of. Woah, you scared me there mum. What happened? I say wondering why I was in some sort of… HOSPITAL BED! You got hit by a car, sweetheart. Don’t worry, the doctors will get you fixed in no time and then we can get out of here.

Why do we need to get out of here, may I ask? Getting really anxious and confused, that my heart beat (I saw) started getting faster. Calm down, now just rest and it will all be alright tomorrow. Ok, I say, but tomorrow you have to tell me why we need to get away. Good night mum. Good night sweetheart. She says before I can say anything else.

I woke up remembering that I was in hospital after my horrific accident. A doctor then came up to me and said “the police would like to see you, young lady.” However, I could not hear him so I had to lip-read him which I found very hard. But most of it I understood so I knew I had to see the police.

“Who have we found?” said the police officer, “You’ll see, this is a very special job for you. I had to choose you!” the chief replied getting really excited which confused the police officer.

“Hello, young lady” said the chief who impatiently waited for my answer. I reached under the bed to get a black chalkboard to write down that I was deaf. I AM DEAF, I CAN’T HEAR YOU. CAN YOU DO SIGN LANGUAGE, WHICH WILL HELP? Unfortunately, by looking at his worried face about doing sign language, I knew he couldn’t. I sighed and wrote on the board: WHAT DO YOU WANT? WRITE DOWN YOUR ANSWER HERE. I looked up at the police officer who looked vaguely familiar and I saw he had my eyes. Coincidence I thought. When I looked down again, the chief had written WE ARE HERE TO TELL YOU THAT WHOEVER IS YOUR GUARDIAN IS, IS NOT YOUR REAL MOTHER. YOUR MOTHER DIED WHEN YOU WERE BORN, AND UMM I THINK I KNOW WHO YOUR FATHER IS BECAUSE HE IS STANDING IN THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW.

I snatched the board off him, and that’s when my so-called mother came in. I was angry and deceived to find out that what she had solemnly sworn to, was a lie. Is this true? I asked her with an angry look on my face. She sighed and said yes it’s true. I stole you. I saw you on your father’s doorstep and I immediately fell in love with you, so I had to take you. That is why I wanted to get away today because you were starting to look so much like your father. I see he is here with you chief. My “mother” looked so sad, but I hated her for everything so I wrote on the board: WHERE IS MY FATHER? I WANT TO MEET HIM. AT LEAST I KNOW HE IS MY REAL FAMILY I was glaring at my “mum”. “Officer” he said. Wait a second I just heard that. I thought I felt my ears go pop! “The officer is my dad. I thought I recognised him. Oh and by the way my ears just went pop and I can hear again!”

“Hi dad” “Hi darling,” turning to the chief “so this is why I had to do the job for you.” The chief just nodded.

Sometimes you should never trust the truth as in my case The Truth is a Lie. My “mother” was arrested for child abduction and now I have my dad to live with. I could finally follow my dream as he said I would able to start dancing as soon as my ankle had healed. My life was finally turning out to be my very own fairy tale.



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