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Chloe and Lily and the Giant Goblin

Chloe and Lily and the Giant Goblin
Samra Basha

In a tall wide fairy class, in a tall wide fairy school, in a tall wide fairies land, lived two pretty girls named Chloe and Lily.

Chloe was a sweet, popular type of girl whom everyone loved and looked up to apart from the goblins Nommera and her husband Nommetry. On Chloe’s dainty feet she wore shiny pearl white shoes to match her frilly short frock. Hanging down by her soft pale ears was her silky brown hair swaying to and fro. She had beautiful colourful wings which shone in bright lights.

Lily Portalls looked a little bit different. She had jet black hair and a pink dress with a violet hem and an everlasting red rose. On her feet she wore crimson high heels.

As soon as the geography lesson started in fairy school one tall, slim ugly hooked-nose man pride fully strode into school. He called Lily and Chloe who nervously flittered their way to follow this mysterious eyesore of a fairy. Suddenly they stopped in mid-air. The gentleman threw out a small ball which most surprisingly transformed into a portal. The shaky girls shivered with fear as they were taken into the portal.

Thud! Bang! Were the only sounds heard as the girls were dragged into a smelly bird cage. Lily almost burst into tears and Chloe’s light was now dim.

“Hello pets,” boomed the fearsome creature as he took out one gigantic fist and grabbed Chloe.

“What have you got there Nom Nom?” asked a familiar voice. It was Nommera! Nommetry told her Chloe would make a fine night-light as he dropped Chloe into his wife’s hands.

“Shine!” they said. Poor Chloe had to shine her brightest 24,7! (which was similar to stretching as wide as possible non-stop).

Meanwhile, Lily had managed to get out of the bird cage but had to chop off her wings to do so. Lily did this even though they won’t grow back. So Lily now had to go by foot. Finally she arrived to find a very tired Chloe but still they were overjoyed to see each other.

The giant plodded in the room causing the room to shake and lily to fall off the bedside table. She got to her feet and hid underneath the smelly goblin bed.

Mysteriously, the lock opened and Chloe fluttered out before you could say the word goblins.

For a few minutes they took a rest underneath the large bed before racing off and sliding underneath the door. Poor Lily was so tired as she did not have wings.

Luckily the girls found a portal in the town square and without being seen hurried off inside the portal.

They squealed with delight as the portal whisked them off back to their home, Fairyland where it was Saturday and they slept throughout.

And as for Nommetry and Nommera, They got quite a shock the next night.

They spent the rest of their lives locked indoors and always trying to get revenge.


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