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So many of them, so many are alike yet, so many are not                                   
There is mystery, drama, romance; the whole lot                                                
You pick one up and see what it is all about                                                             
Then you decide whether or not you want to take it out.

You open it up and each and every one a different start                                     
Some start in lines, paragraphs or even the shape of a heart!                                                     
All with a different creator like a different singer for every song                                      
Every one of them interpreted in a different way, with no reason that is wrong

That feeling when it’s taken over your love of everything you normally do                    
When it has taken over your study and your homework too                                      
When you can’t think of anything else as it is invading your mind                                
It makes you relate all your thoughts to it and sometimes your words are similar to it you’ll find

Then when it is eventually finishing and it is coming to an end                                                        
And you see everyone leaving and you feel as if you are losing your best friend        
 It feels as if you have just finished a performance and you have to come off the stage                                                                                                              
That horrible feeling when you are at the end of the book and you don’t want to turn the last page.  


Tanita Patel


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