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Belchy and the Time Machine

May 12th, 4987

Dear diary,

I feel really old writing in a diary, nowadays people just use their robotic writing machines and special high tech paper to write in a diary or for math and stuff.

Anyway, school today was the worst! Brooke (the most ugly and meanest girl that ever existed) threw my special pink computerized pen across the classroom and broke it!

I tried to tell the class teacher, who was an Android Robot, and of course I got the same response all the time when I try to tell off her. Which is “Brooke is perfect; she would never do such a thing!” then Brooke gives me a dirty and evil look. I absolutely hate her.

I just wish I could go back in time, to when we actually used to use our hands for writing and when wheels were on the bottom of cars instead of rocket blasters. And then an amazing idea popped into my head, why don’t I make a time machine?

May 13th ,4987

Dear diary,

Today I asked my robot assistant called SAM, which stands for Super Awesome Machine, if time travelling is possible and the reply he gave me was “Only if you are super smart and if you have something called the time ‘travelling core’ you will be able to do it” I had no idea what a time traveling core was.

 So I opened my laptop and looked it up. It said it is a tiny piece of metal that had been lost for 50,000 years and has some special chemical that makes going back in time possible.

Then I thought to myself, how am I supposed to find that tiny piece of rubbish if it has been lost for 50,000 years? Exactly. I won’t be able to find it so I should make my own I guess.

So I ran into my kitchen and looked in the cupboard where I had found an old robot pancake maker and an old wet cloth. I searched deeper into the cupboard and saw a tiny piece of tinfoil.

I rolled it into a ball and found some random pieces of old junk in my shed and added it to the little ball. I had done it! I had made the travelling core!

I had a good look round the shed and managed to find some other bits and bobs for my time machine!

May 14th 4987

Dear diary,

I had made my time machine and tested it out and everything! I saw those cars that travel on the surface and everything! I love my time machine and I’m never going back to this modern world again. 2016 is where I feel like I belong. Bye! 😉


Zoe Belgian


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