Behind the Walls

Friday 13th March

I was inside a mansion, not any old mansion — a haunted mansion.

I was terrified when I entered the main hall and my mission to lift the curse of the mansion being haunted began.

In room one I couldn’t see anything until I heard footsteps, hissing and flying bat wings…

As I turned around, I saw vampires and bats surrounding me in the darkness. I had to finish the mission so I ran around the room feeling the walls when suddenly I came to a light switch. I switched it on and pulled garlic bread out of my lunchbox. The vampires were gone.

Room one complete.

Entering room two, again what did I see?

Until… I heard a howl and saw a stitch.

Frankenstein’s and a wolf.
I can handle this.

I ate my chicken leg and fed the bone to the wolf so then it became my dog and helped me fight the Frankenstein’s.

Heading towards the next room, I thought about what monster it would be next. When I opened the door I was suddenly surrounded zombies. I finished quickly all I had to do was lead them to daylight.

Preparing my dog for the upstairs rooms, room four there were skeletons. I crept up on them and pulled the neck bone so they could no longer live.

Moving on to room five there was a Boogeymonster.
How could I fight it?

I checked the other rooms I found bones to keep my dog away and a sword to fight the Boogeymonster.

Yes! I thought. I went and fought and won.

I got medals and trophies, flowers and weapons. I was proud I completed the mission. I ended up rich and powerful.



Chloe Day


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