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Wishbone (loving is for the young)

The guilty ruby lipstick you leave in a smudge

Those loaded looks, I know will misjudge

Lying underneath your faltering smirks

A soul dark, shadowy in nature lurks

Holding a childish, rose tinted grudge

My argument could never ever budge

I, nicely mannered, poorly paid clerk

You, vain pitiful rugby playing jerk


And how ever could I not adore

Your eyes would soften but ignore

A flicker of blue is all I ask for

Afar from my solemn shattering shore


Dreams filling the slowly dying, darken night air

Stripping my mind from all but you – wholly bare

I resist at first, a sparking flare

My silken skin betraying me, that I swear

The goose bumps stay, unable to bear

The ache of unreturned, I now wear

Stained still, with your power, so rare

A link, too fragile to ever share


The fingertips I have now, trembling touch

Yet still I pine for you so much.


Love stays, wholly joined with the ever young

Songs of joyous courage and happiness were sung

The inches upon your frame, you could’ve grown

My eyes dart swiftly past the dulling grey stone

Unlike the coiled rope from which you swung

The bitter words, even now still sting my tongue

Holding you, safe in that old wishbone

Your feelings remain, aching unknown.


Sioned Gill


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