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Issue 5: December 2014

As Christmas approaches we are delighted to present two new issues of Write On! Magazine – one special edition featuring writing created by some of the young people who took part in the Write On! Young Writers’ Summer School earlier this year and our biggest issue yet, issue 5.  Will Buckingham, who was one of the writers working with the young people at the Summer School, said this of the special edition, “These were writers with quirky talents and quick wits, writers unafraid to play with words and ideas to create things both new and strange. It was an honour to work with them. And by the end of the week, I was overwhelmed by what is possible, if you put a bunch of talented young people together, give them pens and paper, make sure that they are well fed, and give them time and space to follow their own noses. 

The poems, stories and snippets gathered here are just a sample of these writers’ work. Read them and remember their names. I very much suspect  you’ll not have heard the last of them.”

As our current Magazine editor takes a break until Autumn 2015, he reflected on issue 5, “… it’s about thinking what matters for your writing and being bold enough to try it knowing that you could fail. We have various constraints on Write On!, for instance, that matter a lot: we can’t run serialised stories from issue to issue, we can’t squeeze in novels. It’s less of a rule for us but we haven’t run articles and I would have told you that we’d never run an article that was an explanation of a piece of prose fiction: the writing in Write On! must work without an introduction.”

To read the special edition, please click here and to read our bumper issue 5, click here. Happy Reading!

If you’d like to submit writing for the next issue which will be out on April 2015, please see our Get Involved page. The spring and summer issue will be edited by writer of young adult dystopian fiction Rosanne Rivers. To find out more please visit her website: