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Why do I like Jazz Music?

Why do I like Jazz Music?

Imagine a streak of gold in a dark room; a tepid hue of yellow and maroon; a melody as sweet as a Parisian night in July.

A slow tempo that sweeps you off your high horse and places you safely on a bed of cotton encompasses you; it is a beginning and an end.

The honeyed accents of the bronze instruments sway in unison to the melody that connects them and remind you that it is not so bad.

Have you ever devoted yourself to feeling the gentle strokes of the drum and the perfectly placed piano notes?

It is a recommendation for anyone with a heart as full as mine.

I feel greatly for earth’s melodies as it is a signal that through a world of disarray, we can come together to organize hearts in one singular row of relaxation.

So, if you ask me why I like Jazz, it will not be a simple answer; my heart is too complex for that.