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The Prison Cell

The Prison Cell
Liang Zi Zhao

I stand there in utter misery,
Every day, criminals come but don’t go,
They’re locked behind my dirty, decaying walls.
Why was I chosen to be this?
They bang and scratch tallies into my walls,
Not knowing that I’m wincing in pain.
I plead and plead for them to stop,
But those heartless creatures take no notice.
Why wasn’t I born a palace like my friend Buckingham?
Why couldn’t I be cared for and polished like good old Eiffel?
Why couldn’t I be famous and antique like Colosseum?
Another day of pure agony,
More officers come with offenders.
I thought, “Of course!”
Surely the officers would listen.
They didn’t pay any attention,
Why was everyone in this world so rude?
Humans, such ignorant creatures.
At least, I wasn’t one of them.
Suddenly, officers flood in,
Freeing and grabbing the lawbreakers.
I see from my eyes outside, another building
That looks just like me.
Hooray I yell in happiness,
I finally have some peace,
I stand there lonely but content,
I no longer suffered like before.
I’m no longer a shelter for breakers of the law.