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Stranded In the Sea

Stranded In the Sea
Kevin Ge

A black blanket surrounded me as a stormy sky rumbled like a fierce lion. Ahead and below me it was dark. I was trapped by the world of the deep, restless sea.
Panic invaded my body, and suddenly, my legs felt weak. Towering above me, a wave came crashing down. I thrashed in the water, kicking my legs in vain. My lungs were screaming at me to breathe. I pushed against the force of the wave.
Up, up… the surface was near… free!
Gasping for breath, I floated on the surface of the water. The sea was a dark, heaving giant, choked by seaweed.
I screamed for help, but again and again no reply came.
A mouthful of seawater washed my mouth and I spat it out but the taste remained.
Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a lighthouse. Safety. Hope. Ferociously kicking my legs, I swam towards the lighthouse. Somehow, I was caught in the murky water which tugged at my legs as I tried to stay afloat.
In a moment, I was sucked into its gaping mouth and pulled into the inky depths. Fear overwhelmed me and I felt my body go limp. Even the stars seemed hostile towards me as I fell unconscious.
Spluttering as I opened my eyes, I saw my sister crying and pleading me to wake up. The realisation hit me like a hammer. I had just been saved. But not by any random person.
I was saved by my sister.