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Anya Allden-Howells

Something is anything.

Something is a thing that moves with the flow to move,
A thing that can be anywhere – waiting to be unlocked and found.
Something is a thing that controls the ways of life,
A thing that can be in any time – waiting to be discovered and unravelled.

Something is love, love that is yet to be found, and never removed,
A thing that can change a life forever – waiting for the right time.

Something is minds of two geniuses,
A thing that is married to one another – waiting to unroll a ring.

Something is a snake, slithering through true minds,
A thing that looks for hope – hope that is yet to be found.

Something is a book,
A thing with pages of stories – a thing full of love, hope and death.

Something is you,
A thing that may seem confused – but in the end, it’s just waiting to show the wonders hidden beneath the skin.

Something is anything.

You can be anything.