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Island Only for Three

Island Only for Three
Chitrani Costa Fernandes

Three of us, that was all that was left. From a group of forty-five, the three of us were the only ones to make it to the island. The tempest of storms had been ruthless, engulfing our finest vessels whole and hurling us like worn-out ragdolls in its fury. The remains of an abandoned island emerged from the tottering surroundings.

As we stumbled onto the shore,battered and bruised, the realisation of our desolation sank in. No more strong emotions, no more conversations around the crackling campfire. Just the sound of powerful waves smashing against the shore and the cries of numerous seagulls overhead. We were alone.

Just us:

Linza, the charming person out of us all. If a beam of light could weave itself into a strand, it would be Linza’s hair. The girl was born with the moon for hair and glittering stars for her eyes. Not only was she good looking, but also our loyal leader. With one sentence, she could turn chaos into a tranquil atmosphere.

Aarav, the placid person who hardly shed a tear. He appeared at first as a cold-hearted and seemly approachable person, domineering to us all. It makes me livid when that eristic wins his debate with false arguments. Over these weeks, I have noticed that he tends to speak less and listen more.

Me, the intelligent and knowledgable one, capable of understanding complex ideas and concepts.

Days melted into weeks, weeks morphed into months. We forged a new life on the island,
learning how to fish, to construct, to survive. We explored every inch our paradise, from the sandy beaches to the lush forests. My favourites were the rough cliffs that overlooked the mesmerising sea.

Out of all this beauty, something didn’t feel right.

It felt like my heart was broken and couldn’t be fixed.

Deep down, hidden inside me by my fierce emotions, I knew this was my destiny. Whether I like it or not.

I could never go back, especially with the forty-two people screaming in pain down my veins.