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Part of Your World

Part of Your World

Isobelle Evans


Max was sure he had never been so happy in his entire life. He never wanted tonight to end.

The Kingston family were having a lovely time on holiday in Hawaii, though try as they might, they did they could not remember the name of the island they were on. All they could remember is that the island itself had never seen many visitors because of the never-ending forests and its giant, stony beaches.

The family themselves were all playing in the sea, but it was Tommy, the youngest in the family, who spotted the strange creature come up from beneath the waves. The creature was really strange: it looked like an extremely pale person who had a plastic tub over their own mouth. Tommy thought that there was no danger so he made his way closer to the creature. It was then that Tommy saw the creature’s tail. It glided gracefully through the water and its scales shone red in the sunlight.

“Hello,” Tommy said happily. The creature didn’t reply Tommy so tried to speak to it again. “Hello.”

Only then did Tommy realise that it was not moving. “Daddy!” he shouted. “It’s not moving!” He was really scared now.

“What?” his Dad asked him, before continuing to say “Oh my goodness. It’s time to come away now, Tomas.” He then proceeded to pick his own son up and walk away back towards the beach.

“He’ll be okay right Dad?” asked Tomas.

“Yes, son, he will be okay I’m sure,” replied his dad.

Shiny could not believe what he had just seen, his best friend had just swam up to the surface testing his new invention and had died in front of one of those monsters. What should he tell the others? He decided to tell the others the truth, it was the only thing he could tell them, he wouldn’t lie to them. He started to swim in the direction of their caves. It was a long journey but he got there in the end.

“King Triton!” He shouted as he made his way through to the royal cave area. “My king,” Shiny said as he finally reached him, “a horrid thing has happened.”

King Triton was quite shocked. “Please tell,” the King replied.

So Shiny set to work telling his King everything that had happened that very morning.

“Well, that is horrible news,” said the King. Shiny bowed his head in respect. “In light of what happened I think that it is only right to impose a ban on going to the surface unless absolutely necessary,” the King concluded.

“Yes, my lord.” Shiny replied.

From then on mermaids were not allowed to visit the surface in the fear that they would either be seen or even worst that they would die horribly.



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