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Lottie Manning


Me and my dad were on the M15. It was a cloudy day despite the fact that my dad had brought his favourite sunglasses with him, the one with the pink flowers on them. At nine ‘o’clock, a loud, booming voice disturbed me from listening to my favourite song, Shiny by a band called Rapsters, on my iPod. The voice told us to go to the nearest shelter so we did as we were told.

Oddly, the shelter we found was already full of people. It was boring just sitting there, not exactly knowing why I had to be there.

Eventually, I got out. To my surprise, there were Giraffes everywhere. Giraffes on houses, Giraffes on buses and even Giraffes eating the trees in parks! Now we had a problem, we had no choice but to dodge the Giraffes. Or did we have a choice?

“HELLO OVER THERE” called a person in the distance with an odd accent. I looked to where it was coming from, there was a gloopy alien standing by a high technology spaceship. “Cool”, I screamed in amazement. Before my dad could stop me, I ran over to the spaceship. The ship was covered in multi-coloured spots but when you looked closely, they were buttons. “Can you give us a lift to forest road north please?” I asked the alien politely. “Course of,” exclaimed the alien, “sorry I have grammar bad”. We stepped in awe in the expensive spaceship. “Call me Gleam,” said the alien who I now knew to be called Gleam.

In less than thirty seconds, we had arrived at our house. As a reward for the journey, we offered Gleam a bed and breakfast stay at our house. Gleam smiled. Quickly, he grabbed an old, rusty whistle. He took a deep breath and then blew the whistle with all of his might. Me and my dad turned and exchanged confused glances, not knowing what to do or say or think. Luckily, our questions were answered as around fifteen other spaceships landed on our roof.

Soon, we forgot our confusion and were soon madly dancing in our lounge. You would be surprised how fun it is to be partying with aliens. Eventually, it seemed almost normal to be eating crisps and sweets and dancing with strangers and aliens with futuristic spaceships on your roof.

I went to bed, happy. Even if Gleam and his other alien friends got out of control, I am sure that the local zoo or science centre would love to have fifteen aliens as an exhibit for their arrangement of animals and scientific artefacts. How could anyone refuse to have an unusual exhibit worth millions of pounds for free, they would get many, many more visitors.

Once I woke up, the questions started flowing like a rapid stream. Was it a dream? As the roof fell down and I was crushed with modern spaceships and aliens from science fiction films, I didn`t need an answer, I knew the answers.


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