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Alien School

Alien School

Zara Hale

I am slowly walking down the winding path, which leads to the School for Aliens. Here comes Mr Soppy – he’s the head of maths, what a drag! Maths is my worst subject; all the other better aliens tease me because I have no slime holes! Seriously though, who wants slime to come out of their necks? I don’t for one, do you?

I feel alone at break when Jim and Jack the two slimiest boys in school sit with their girlfriends on the ‘doom table’ they call it. Jim has green gloopy slime dripping out from under his blue arms, which attracts all the girls – Gloria, Sophie, Eloise, so on. Were as Jack has the world’s best slime extractor on the back of his neck which all of the girls go crazy for.

I walk over with the most frightened look spread like butter on toast across my face, jack turns round… “What are you doing?” He said, almost like he had said this a million times before. Then, out of nowhere, there was a great pool of green sticky slime under my feet. I tried to get away, honestly I did but…

Panting and puffing, Jack and Jim grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me up in the air. I said thank you, but there was nothing to be thankful about. Running and running, they seemed to take me to the boys’ toilets. Still being held up, but, by my legs now.

Then there was another breathless dunk into the yellow slime filled toilets, which I am oh so familiar with. It’s been a whole minute now, though it feels like ten. I’m still in the never ending torcher of the slime toilet.

Right now, it is 12.36 pm, at least I think it is. I feel a relief of my shoulders and slowly I rise, wondering if the world is real or whether they are hallucinations, due to my lack of air.

Wobbling unsteadily, I see the canteen, dark, gloomy and full of slime. Yesterday I saw the hottest girl in school – Felicity, write in her super safe diary. And now I see a shining glimmering key beneath my squashed purple foot. Is this the key to the diary? Or is this the key to success?

I think to myself, this is it, this is my lucky break! But then that luck seems to wash away when a hard punch is placed in the middle of my spotted back. Give us your lunch money they say, you know who they are! In a shaky voice I reply saying I have no money, when in fact I have $5 in my immune system.

And then I think to myself again, please leave me alone; I have the key to all the secrets you don’t want to hear and utter disappointment. Do you really want me to unleash that dog? I will if I have to.

Six minutes later, and I am on the cold, hard canteen floor. My small insignificant life drowning in the slime of seven hundred other individuals.

Suddenly I see Felicity and all my worries are swept away as well as my lunch money. I see brightly coloured fireworks before my very eyes, and, everything seems to be in slow motion! How strange.

She grasps my squidgy hand and picks up my torn books off the floor. Please excuse their unacceptable attitude! They aren’t used to people saying no! Her golden blonde hair swaying in the wind.




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