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A Plea For Action

A Plea For Action
Madeleine Sudlow

They came from war.
We must send them back.
They are illegal. But wait.

They have eyes, noses, ears.
They have hair, hands, and feet.
They have voices and souls.
They can voice their words,
Their souls feel pain,

They are people.
People seeking safety
And we have turned them away.

We have eyes, noses, ears.
We have hair, hands, and feet.
We have voices and souls.
But we do not have hearts to welcome
These people to our homes.

Where is our love?
Where is our compassion?
Where are our souls that can feel pain?

Are we are so hard-hearted
We refuse a human a place of peace and plenty?
Put yourself in their shoes.
How would you feel if you were not welcomed,
Sent back to the danger you had left?
Sending people back
will not solve the problem of migration.
We must welcome

These damaged people of the world.
There is no problem.
The only problem here is war.
We must help them. NOW.