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One Step, One Journey

One Step, One Journey
Bronwen Holmes

It was terrifying. It all started when we were all sat in the living room.

Me, my little brother Noah, Mummy and Daddy. I’m Bronwen, by the way. It was at that moment we heard the sound. Ear splitting sirens, booms so loud my screams could hardly be heard over them.

“It’s the war!” gasped Mummy, her face pale. I had heard about the war, a big fight between countries, usually for silly reasons like land and money. It is normally in other countries a long way from here.

I never thought it would come to England.

“Get Out!” screeched Daddy “Everyone out!”

“Why?” asked Noah, a boy for questions.

“Because we will get killed, sweetie” says Mummy in her comforting voice.

I persuade her to grab Black and Brown (cats) and Ginger Snap and Mr Nibbles (guinea pigs).

I felt lost and hopeless on the long, scary journey. By car, boat, train and plane we finally found a tree big enough to shelter in.

In the night the trees tower over me like giants, and the shadows prowl about like hungry monsters.

It’s been five years now. I go to collect the newspaper as usual and see a headline that makes my heart turn. COVENTRY FREE! Flowers skip around me like fairies and the sun beams down like a goddess. We’re going home!