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Martine Eriksen (Norway)

Why can’t Catholics drink
When Jesus turned water into wine
Why are immigrants hated
When Jesus said you should treat them like your own

Why can’t two men love each other
When God loves everyone.
Why is homosexuality a sin
When homosexuals are created by God

Why does God have his own house
While there are thousands on the street.
Why is the church so rich
While families starve

Why do the rich look down on the poor
When their graves will be the same size
Why is half the world starving
While the other half struggles with obesity

Why do we waste so much food
While millions starve
Why do we waste so much water
While children are thirsty

Why must girls cover themselves
While boys can go topless.
Why are men paid more
When the job is the same

Why are white and black treated differently
When they are all human
Why are Muslim labelled terrorists
When most terrorists are white.

Why do adults chose their guns
While children fall at their bullets
Why must teenagers stand up
To make the adults hear

Why must children suffer
For adults’ missteps