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“Why do you Write?”

Why do you Write?
Simran Kaur

“Why do you write?”
Asked a question to me anon
And through my mind I doth take sight
Of thoughts I think upon.

“Why do you write?”
The question I thought upon;
I write to not lose sight
Of the world anon.

The flowers in the grass
Make my heart beat merry
The tune of the little lass
Carry words to my thoughts like a ferry.

How wild music sounds
As to my mind it beats
And makes my heart a breathless founds
In awe at its great feats.

Oh, how the mountains rise!
How the flowers gentle lain
Upon the grass with the breeze that flies
Of frolicking gales that make me jocund fain.

How my heart begins to beat
Words anon to my mind
As the laughter and the feat
Of wonder came so kind.

The music and the tune
Is dancing in the air
My heart beats when I write till noon
About wonders distant fair.

“Why do you write?” the question asked to me;
I write because it comes to mind
So from beats so laughing free
As to the words I find.

As I watch the gentle colours,
Merging in the day,
I find the words begin to spin flowers
Spin wonders in my heart to play.

I feel the spinning yarn
Come to my mind each day
When I watch the sky, the stars of night’s darn
As the wind so wild comes to play.

A flame flickers in my heart
A beat comes to a thousand part
The flame flickers in ways
Where wondering sifting flowers stays.

My heart beats a dancing beat and tune
My eyes are glittering in the starlight of the moon
Till I reach my pen to hand
Lain upon the wooden band.

The words begins to draw
To rush, to dance, to scribble, to scrawl
To rush the words from mind to page
To make a blank soul a play on stage.

I make the characters my actors anon
Make the wind fly upon
The sky aloft the words that sings
Each word a music the day a-brings!

The ink soaks into fibres white
Stains them with the words so light
That dance from heart to endless tune
Of starlight, flowers, moonlight moon.

The words form like a galloping stride
Dancing on the wind so wild
As the words ne’er so hide
To the heart to exhilarated beguiled!

Come dance starlight ways
Come meet my words and thus I write
In the starlight of the days
To the wonder and delight!

“Why do you write?” Because ’tis like a breath within
‘Tis like breathing, like the beating of my heart in;
‘Tis like wonder in the fields and day;
“Tis my music I sing at play.

I write because my heart so says;
I write because my mind is filled;
I write because of happy days;
I write because I live.