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What are Storms?

What are Storms?
Simran Kaur

The storm rages in the sky;
The wind brings forth the waves
As the greyness comes nigh
To the paths of night it paves.

“Come stars, glitter now
Where wonder awakes by night
Come where the wind knows not how
The steer the night delight!”

But the horizon line
Comes to speak so grey;
Etched, clear, straight, fine
So covering the sunset today.

The clouds come yonder
From the moors and dells
Coming to the sky to wander
The land o’er the sea’s grey bells.

But hearken now the clouds come fast,
The eyes of it are here anon last.
The birds turn, the shade upon shade
The shade the daylight ere forbade.

Hearken to the air!
Wild, long, sharp wind not fair
Hearken to the cry
Of the wind in the sky.

The waves are slowly awoken
From a long and restful sleep
From the long hours a token
Of the storm so deep.

The air is dull
The clouds dilute
Their grey within the lull
Of wind with grey suit.

But wait the sea is lashing
Fiery greyness, anger nigh
The world is uplifted splashing
Spraying to the sky.

Birds grow distant anon;
The waves so wild upon;
The earth shakes the sky;
The greyness comes nigh.

The world is set in shade
The grey the stars forbade
The air, the wind, the sea is wild
The sea is thus a grey beguiled.

“Freedom, do you sing?”
The birds as spectators ring
“Anger do you awaken?
Or are you disturbed and shaken?”

“Is it freedom now you fly
Hearken to the wind’s grey cry
Is it anger for the ship
That came to slash your heart to rip?”

Is it a battle in the clouds?
Is it the mist of yonder way?
Is it the battle shrouds
Of lightning in the day?

Or are you Time?
Are you time upon the line
Breaking in the day
Where wild winds do play?

By Time I mean are you the hand
The hand to steer the world anon
The clock of grey to come at the band
Of the horizon timepiece upon?

Are you Time that comes to call
Upon the earth today to fall
The greyness you seep to play
As greyness your anger lay?

But then is it Time that came
Time of memories indifferent or kind
Time from the moorland yonder not tame
As a wild horse, rope and steel bind?

Are you wandering in pain?
Are you here to show the Time?
Are you here in indifferent gain?
Or are you here to show the horizon line?

Are you here to watch the minutes by
Are you time’s fateful hand?
Are you freedom calling to the lady nigh
Are you sorrowful or are you calling her hand to see?