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Twinkle had just came back from fairy school realising she had tons of homework to do. There was a particular piece of homework that she was looking forward to, “YES!” Twinkle shouted as she happily fluttered around her room. “Finally a fun school project!” She had to build a fully functional robotic bird, this work may sound hard but for Twinkle this was easy. “I know I can do this, but I am going to need help,” Twinkle said confidently.

Twinkle’s wings glistened in the hot sun as she flew over to her fairy friend Pip. “Hello Twinkle, what brings you here?” “I need some help with my school project”, Twinkle said. “What is it?” Pip asked. “I have to make a robotic bird,” Twinkle said. Pip scratched her head and finally made a decision, “Of course I will help you but I’m warning you, I am not that great at designing things”.

Pip and Twinkle fluttered back home to start the project. Pip went out to collect metal whilst Twinkle heated the welder, Pip and Twinkle were a perfect team. “Twinkle this doesn’t look like a bird, it looks like a PLANE!” complained Pip. “You’re right Pip,” replied Twinkle “We’ll just have to dismantle it”. “Twinkle it`s been 5 days and you have to hand this project in tomorrow!” panicked Pip.

“Oh no, how will we make this bird in time?” said Twinkle “I know, we can get a real baby bird and paint it in metallic colours!” Pip said confidently. “Perfect, let’s do that!” said Twinkle.

So Twinkle and Pip set off in the night to get some paint at the Fairy Mart. “Welcome fairies to the Fairy Mart,” said an old lady at the cash desk “we have fifty percent off on all paints.”

”Sweet, let’s go get our paint” said Pip. Pip and Twinkle went down the paint isle for some metallic paint. “Pip look what I found!” said Twinkle “great, now let’s pay.” Twinkle and Pip walked up to the cash desk: “Leaf or cobweb?” the old lady said. “Leaf,” Twinkle replied.

Then Twinkle and Pip flew out of the shop and into the bird farm. Twinkle and Pip sneaked into a baby bird’s cage and took it. Pip quickly wrote on the cage with some coal “I’ll be back”. “High-five Pip,” Twinkle shouted. The fairies flew back home to paint the bird.

It took four hours for Pip and Twinkle to paint the bird but what was important was that they had finished. The next day, Twinkle and Pip went to school to hand in Twinkles homework. “Well done Twinkle! I am impressed,” said the teacher, “well done Twinkle you won first prize!”

Twinkle could not believe what she was hearing “Really?” she said as she hugged the teacher. Mr. Salmon, Twinkle’s teacher handed her a tall golden trophy with sweets inside of it. “Congratulations Twinkle, you earned it!” Mr. Salmon said. After school Twinkle went to Pip’s house to share the sweets.

Zoe Belgian

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