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This is What She Wanted

I was alone in my room. An eerie silence filled the room, followed by a slam of a door. I heard a laugh from the outside of my closed door. I shut my eyes tight hoping this was all just a nightmare but I knew it was real. There’s no escape. The shadows close in. I finally drift off to sleep. I dreamt of a girl being burnt alive only till after I woke up did I realise that that girl was me. Sweat trickled down my head. I whipped it off. It was silent again. So silent you could hear a pin drop. My head hurt. Not long after, I was in torture. The room was turning black. I felt as if my blood vessels were going to pop. A little ghost girl appeared as I rolled in my bed in agony. She whispered “Hush, child.” I tried to scream but something was clogging my throat. She put her hand into my throat and pulled out a lump of hair. I gasped for breathe, I closed my eyes to focus. When I opened them again she was gone. Gone like yesterday. Was she there to help me or to make sure I still live to be ever tortured till death? I lay there in my bed till out of breath. I get up. I go to the bathroom to get a glass of water. I looked in the mirror and to my surprise my face was scratched with blood pouring out of each scratch. I turned around to see one of my bathroom walls and there scribbled in blood spelled out “Hush, child.” I collapsed to the ground with fear. I clenched my knees and rocked myself for comfort. But it occurs to me that no matter what this torture will not stop… unless… I see a knife appear in front of me and I know what to do I get up and stab the knife into my flesh 5 times the sudden burst of blood gushes out of my arm. I’m numb. The last vision I see is that ghost girl laughing. That’s what she wanted… Me… Dead.

Xenia Brettell

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