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Snow is a glittering blanket,

A fluffy carpet on the streets,

The reason you wear boots in winter,

Is because the snow gets on your feet.


It’s icing sugar on your worktop,

Or feathers falling from the sky,

Sheets of paper on the ground,

As snowflakes flutter by.


A sparkling white rug,

Glowing under street lights,

Twinkling as much as the stars do,

On a dark winters night.


A white overcoat for a tree,

As soft as a pillow,

The snow floats gently over our heads,

Like hundreds of white marshmallows.


Tiny specks of glitter,

Falling everywhere,

And on the odd occasion,

Robins flutter here and there.


The whitest sheet of paper,

The softest blanket in the world,

A massive pot of fairy dust,

A game for boys and girls.


Everyone is chattering,

Inside their safe warm home,

But outside snow is falling,

Gently, all alone.


Jessica Bridge

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