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The Seasons

When the leaves fall into a heap on the ground,

And the birds call to each other,


The farmers say “goodness me it’s autumn time again!”


They think oh no I have got to pick the apples and plough the fields ready for the harvest,

They think oh no I have to sort out my dairy.


Soon the rush is all over,


Now the trees are bare,

And it starts to snow,

The people say “yey it is winter time again!”


They think ‘time to wrap up warm and build balls of snow,’

Parents think oh no I’ve got to spend money on presents!


Then the Christmas hurry is at an end,


Now when the fields have been sown,

And newborn lambs graze,

Little children squeal “yey time to go to the farm!”


They think time to put on my wellies and splash in muddy puddles

And they ask “why do I need to wear a coat?’’


Soon the rain stops pouring and the sun is shining,


When the heat builds up,

And school ends for the term,

Everyone takes a deep breath and says, “I’m glad I’m home!”


All too soon it’s autumn time again.


Rhiannon Baxter 

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