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For Stealing a Loaf of Bread

Constant calling dims the ferocious

Thudding in my chest,

Diverting the pain to the back of my mind,

As I listen to the shouting of people,

More desperate than I.

Adults rattling at the locks with children,

Pulling the chains at their side,

Whilst I sit in the darkness,

Watching their failing attempts to,

Change what has to be.


The thudding travels up to my hearts,

My hands becoming clammy,

And the pleading of frantic families,

Is muted by the halt of the foreign vehicle,

We find ourselves trapped within.

Ushered out by arrogant animals,

Grabbing our necks like dirt from the ground,

We are dumped in a cage,

Unknown to us and left in a prison,

They call Australia.


Katie Gayton

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