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The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt!

Sasha Logan


Out of the blue, an old rusty car came to the village of Hamstead. Inside was the Otis family. They had moved from America. They were passing by, a saw a picture that said “The Treasure Hunt this Friday”. Mr and Mrs Otis had one girl and one boy. Their names were Victoria and Joe. They stayed in a hotel. The next day they woke up and had some breakfast.

After breakfast they were called to come to a hotel called the Marriot which had a treasure hunt contest. Victoria and Joe asked if they could enter. “Of course you can,” replied Mrs Otis.

They had to get to three clues and find three gold coins. The first clue was: “The biggest place in the city, and only the place with the oldest things.” Victoria and Joe both shouted out “the museum!”So they went to the museum.

Also they had to look for someone with a yellow t-shirt. When they got there no customers were wearing a yellow t-shirt. Then they found a woman wearing a yellow t-shirt they ran over to her. ”Excuse me, but are you the person that give gives us the gold coin?”asked Joe

“Yes, I am. Here you go, one gold coin,” replied the woman. “And here is your second clue,” she added.

The clue was: “It has got a mouth but does not speak, it goes on his back a boy called Jack.”

”There’s a shop called Jack’s bags. Let’s go there,” Victoria screamed. So they went to Jack’s bags. There were a couple of people there, so Joe had more confidence. Victoria found a man with a yellow t-shirt, so they went over to him. Then they asked if they could have their second coin, so he gave them the coin and the last clue. It said: “They are very loud and noisy, but come with many strings, I can go on your arm or leg.”

Joe whispered: “Let’s go to the music store.” So they walked off to the music store. Victoria ran over to the man. The man asked “Are you looking for the last coin?”

“Yes,” replied Victoria. Then the man gave them the coin. They ran where they started, Green Park. Once they got there a lady ran out and shouted: “Time to give you 4 tickets to Disneyland Paris!” So they got home and got ready to stay in Disneyland Paris! So they lived going place to place.



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