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The Dream House

The Dream House

Sophie Gwynne

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a little princess called Susan. She was a spoilt little girl and had everything she needed. She had a cupboard full of toys, an easel and paint set to match, three bookcases full of books, a desk, dressing table, chair, and make up set, and she didn’t have to go to school. Now you can see how spoilt she was. Even though Susan had all these things she still wasn’t happy. Do you know why this was? It was because she was bored. She wanted to live somewhere exciting , somewhere she could explore. She was getting fed up with her mother, Queen Marigold, walking along beside her, holding her hand all the time.

One day when Susan was out on a walk with her mother she saw a dear little cottage in the woods. It was by a lake and “perfect for exploring” Susan said to herself. She pulled her mother to the side to look at it but she wasn’t interested. “Our castle is much nicer” she said, but Susan didn’t think so. This was her dream house!

That night at ten o’clock Susan still wasn’t asleep. Her mind was bursting with questions: did anyone live there? If so who were they? Did the cottage have an upstairs? What about a television? Do the people have children? Were they boys or girls? Because Susan was finding it impossible to sleep she decided that she would go and find the answer to her questions. She was going to the cottage!

Susan stood at the castle door , fully dressed, with a scarf round her neck. She pushed open the door and stopped. Would she dare to go out at the dead of night? She clenched her fists and stepped out in to the cold. Of course she would be brave enough. It would be better than lying in her bed, not being able to get to sleep.

Susan took a few steps out of the house before pausing to remember which way to go. When she had got the route knocked into her head, she started running. It didn’t take long to get there so Susan was there in no time. When she got there it was exactly the same as before with the flowers winding their way round the windows and the neatly painted chimney in a creamy white colour. The house its self was a pale pink. Susan went into the house but it wasn’t as she had thought. It had cobwebs every where and pictures of zombies hung on the wall. The curtains were black and it was almost pitch black because they were drawn. Susan began to feel scared. The house was spooky. Suddenly the door creaked and Susan leaped behind the sofa. As the door opened Susan peeked over the back of it and saw her mother. She leaped into her arms and promised never to go out at night.



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