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The Time Piece

The Time Piece
Tabitha Ritchie

It was a cold, misty night. Julia was running from a car. It had blinding, bright lights and it was the only sound for at least a mile. The night was cold and wet but Julia didn’t care, she couldn’t let them catch up. If they got their hands on the last time piece it would be over, all over. She turned a corner and headed into the shadows.

There she hid all alone in the cold and wet. Suddenly she heard footsteps and voices. She jumped inside a doorway and silently closed the door behind her. Julia wandered around in complete darkness until she heard calling. Carefully and slowly, so she didn’t trip over, she felt her way to the opening. Soon enough she found it and side stepped down the corridor. She opened her eyes to a beautiful play that seemed too be going on! She watched until the curtain closed and then it dawned on her, she wasn’t one of the audience, she was being chased by criminals. 

Julia ran out of the theatre, away from the town to a cliff that was hanging over the sea which was glittering in the moonlight. She threw, as hard as she could, the time piece into the air and watched it slowly fall down into the sea! Julia stood there for a few minutes just watching. “Where is the time piece, girl?” Lots of men had come up behind her. The girl just pointed. 

Julia woke up alarmed. Why had she thrown the time piece into the sea? Then she realised it was just a dream! She opened her eyes fully and then it dawned on her that she wasn’t in her bedroom.

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