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The Great Wave

The Great Wave
Similoluwa Osunsanmi

Softly, The Sea starts to growl,
Enveloped by the winds howl,
On his face he wears a scowl,
On that angry raging night.
The battered oaken boats come by,
Praying, Shouting to the sky,
That no harm would come that time,
On that angry raging night.
But the sea is angry,
He sees red,
And the boats a filled with dread
As they know death lies ahead
On that angry raging night.
Sea flaps his cloak,
On that dark night,
He flaps it once again,
For he is not so satisfied,
With the men that he has slain.
Sea grabs at the remaining boats,
Then thrusts them down with rage,
Arising like an animal,
Awakened in its cage.
The sea raises his hands again
And scratches at the shore
For he is now quite satisfied,
For the boats are now no more.

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