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Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit
Rebekah Lane

On a biting Christmas Eve morning
When the blue sky turned a pale white,
And the soft delicate snowflakes fell
Onto the glistening surface,
Three children rushed outside into the frosty air
And began to make someone very special.
Heaving huge clumps of snow with teeth chattering
And wet hands, they created me! There I stood proud and tall.
My hands made of sticks from a nearby apple tree in their garden;
My hat and scarf carefully picked from their mother’s wardrobe;
My three buttons and eyes made out of shiny black pebbles
And my huge carrot nose picked freshly from their garden.
I felt a tingling sensation run through my body
As the first snowflake touched my carrot nose.
My little stick fingers began to wiggle and jiggle
And I began to dance and sing to a merry tune.
My icy heart was full of life and joyfulness.
I was beaming happy and bright for this special day.
My carrot nose could smell the glorious festive dinners
And my ears made of frosty snow could hear the laughter
And music inside each home. I was alive!
I watched through a hole in the garden fence,
Children sliding around on sledges with delight
Screaming in excitement when it sped up.
All of a sudden a pebble slipped out of place
And then another, and another and another.
My hands felt droopy, my head was floppy and my face a mess.
I began to wonder what was happening; was I simply just tired?
I looked up to see something burning big and bright.
I heard someone shout “the sun’s come out – lets play”!
When morning came, all that was left in sight
Was my little carrot nose, shiny pebbles and wet clothes
In a cold puddle which soon froze over.
I would have to wait for another chance
To bring my little stick hands to life again
I lay on the floor frozen still.
Waiting for a little drop of snow to fall once more.
I was the snowman with the winter spirit.

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