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Seven Shades of Creativity

Seven Shades of Creativity
Thalia Madeley

Have you ever wondered?
What makes up creativity?
Do you think of the millions of shades?
Creativity is a paint box.
A pale pink twist of ballet,
A light blue leap of contemporary
And an orange glimpse of modern.
Even the wind carries around the silver whistle of music.
Follow the Journey of creativity…
And you’ll find yourself in a place of magic.

To understand creativity, let’s watch these girls,
As they leap and jump, spring and twirl.
As ballerinas stand on the tips of their toes,
Tappers do fancy footwork in rows.

As the performers spring an exciting lift,
Lyrical dancers, graceful and swift.
Dancers flexible as spiders’ webs,
Do wide splits with their legs.

The guitar notes strum,
As Middle c’s hit by my thumb.
The flute whistles over and over,
Whilst the piano’s played in Dover.

On the paper, a splash of paint,
Clay is made into the shape of a saint.
Art is a wonder,
The brush strokes create thunder.

These are the shades of Creativity.

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