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The Rightful Queen

The Rightful Queen
Aliya Waseem

I took my place and sat down, the frills of my dress gliding across the floor. It was a silky, black gown with red decorations of a flower stemming out.

“Majesty, what do you suggest we do for the upcoming war with Blackbrook?” Lord Kerrick asked the horror sitting next to me.

‘Majesty’ is my adoptive father; I have to call him that, despite our ‘close relationship’. He is the King of Rifthold, Gavin Hallivard. King is just a nice title; the people (me included) see him as a power-hungry tyrant.

You are probably wondering how he came to adopt me. Well, let me tell you. When I was eight years old, my home Kingdom was attacked and everything in it had been destroyed. My parents, and most of the Kingdom, were killed that night. I know of who had survived that night, and they know of me.

There was very little of us, however to me, it was something. That night, we all gathered together to talk about what shall become of us. We were up till who knows when, unsure of what to do.

Finally, I spoke. I announced that, for now, we shall all go into hiding. When I come of age, I shall make some sort of dramatic attack, signalling the birth of our counterattack.

I was snapped out of my nightmare-like thoughts when my father said, “My dear Aelin, please be a sweetheart and fetch the five of us some tea.”

He gave me that sickly sweet smile that said, “It better taste nice or else”.

I stood from my seat, curtseyed and said, “Of course, Father.”

I tucked my chair in and left the sweat-smelling room. Honestly! Those men do not know how to clean themselves! It makes me sick as soon as I see any of them. I began to walk down the long, towering hallways and let my thoughts take over.

Today is my eighteenth birthday, the day I come of age. Tonight, I shall wreak such havoc, that it will be known through all of Erilea! No tea for you, Majesty.

I am going to unleash deathfire at the bottom of this palace today, to destroy the damned lock against my legendary power. When I was adopted by Gavin, I did not realise at first, but he built a machine that pushed a force against my power, rendering it helpless.

It took me years to find out where it was, what it was and how to destroy it.

But now that I know, I will make him pay for a decade of pain.

Firstly, I have to get out of the palace and set off a green flare into the sky, a signal to the remains of Falconedge. Then, set off the deathfire. Increasing my pace to a jog, I carried on down the corridor whilst readying the flare.

Running away from one place, only to run back into the awaiting hands of another.

Queen Elentiya Galathynius of Falconedge is back.


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