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The Prize

The Prize

Clodagh Delahunty-Forrest


Murdering hands the fairies indeed have.

Cutting through the air standing ruthless on insects and flies.

Razor-sharp spears like daggers have been thrown into the scaly flesh of the hunted-down python known as the prize.

The colony of ants work with military dedication, engaging the enemy with no mercy given.


Covering his body with painful bites which caused the python to surrender.

The ants and their terrible sins will never be forgiven.


The army of fairies manoeuvre safely in their armoured shell tank.

The crustaceans advance on the ground towards their target.

Racing onwards, as the fairy leaders shout at their every more.

On the floor the crabs look like a crusty carpet.


Hundreds of bees in a swam like attack lead the fairies into a lethal combat.

In pursuit of the Perilous Python.


This battle is not tit for tat.


The two competing sides of fairies race to be the first to receive the prize.

Both have captured insects and used them in their devilish deeds.

Who will be victorious?


Both sides desperate and travelling at high speeds.



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