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The Long Struggle of Writing

The Long Struggle of Writing
Tanita Patel

I pick up the pen and begin to write
Although I don’t really know what to say
And I don’t really know how to start
But it makes me feel free
Doing what I want to do, being what I want to be
But as I write I don’t really know what for

Alone behind a closed study door
Stop! Writer’s Block!
But I can’t just end it here
A million random thoughts flow into my mind
And some of them are left behind
And I’m back, with my mind in control of the pen

Now what to write about then?
A story about magic and monsters or an international spy
Or a rocket to space or humans that fly
Now my imagination is running
And it is going to win the gold
But I have to concentrate, just put it on hold

Now focus; back to the writing part
I need to write a poem
Something that expresses how I feel
Making it all seem so real
But wait, I seem to have almost finished

It’s a piece without me knowing
Expresses myself and it’s flowing
It all happened so quick and fast
Like a cross-country train just passing the station

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