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Tanita Patel

I sit there patiently, waiting for the right person
Now or then a little child will pick me up and say,
Please can I have this one! Look, look this way!
But they are dragged out by their parents

I have heard so many excuses over the days
He’s too expensive, he’s too old or that’s a rubbish bear
I have feelings too, does anyone care?
And then they leave again

There must be a reason, but I cannot work it out
I have many that are replicas of me on my shelf
But to be honest, I’m different from everyone else
I want to be free

They find it comfy, where we are supposed to be
But I find it horrible, here night after night
This isn’t our place, I know it’s not right
Nobody will choose me though

I’m losing all hope now, nobody has bought me
I promise to be good and I won’t lick my paw
I’ll do everything like a good teddy if you take me from the store
Yet no-one seems to hear my pledge

But the next day in walks a girl up to us on the window sill
The next thing I know I am being scanned at the till
She picks me up in her arms, this is what is like to be free
And the twinkle in her eyes as she cuddles me says: forever, you and me

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