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Incognito Popcorn Twins in The Case of the Magic Sausage

Incognito Popcorn Twins in The Case of the Magic Sausage
AJ Neto

It was a calm Sunday morning when suddenly… Tim was calling: “Whoa,Twiler! Look at this!

“Meow?” meowed Tom, lifting an eyebrow up.

“Hmm? What’s up?”’ asked Twiler, nearly splashing his face in his own cereal bowl as he always does.

“Isn’t this amazing? Another man who can fly and who has superhuman strength! He’s the fourth man this week!” Tim exclaimed, showing Twiler the paper.

After this, there was a long silence when Tom finally broke by slamming his fluffy paw onto the remote and turning on the Sunday morning news on when the reporters just began saying: “The mystery of the flying men and super human men has struck for the sixth-no-fifth-no-wait, what was it again?”

Instantly, a man came in and said “You’re fired!” and pointing his fat finger at the reporter who argued “But-but-but”.

“No buts! You’re fired!!” the man answered him.

Surprisingly, the screen went black, with white letters to read “Technical Problems”.

“These reporters are crazy, I tell you,”’ said Twiler, tapping on his head rapidly. “Well, as we’re detectives, I think that this is fishy.”

“More like sausagy. Haven’t you read this? All the millionaires who were affected said that a sausage did it.”

Afterwards Tim chimed in by saying “That’s just weird!”

Even Tom nodded his fluffy head, whilst almost scared by a BEEEEP! followed by the announcement “Letter from the sheriff for Tim, Tom and Twiler!” A mysterious driver had just zoomed past Tim’s house and thrown a letter at his doormat, almost catching Twiler’s face.

“What does it say?” asked Twiler.

“Listen carefully,” responded Tim, starting reading to Tom, Twiler and Tim. “I urgently need your help, detectives.
I’ve got a suspicion… a Chinese kung fu wrestler escaped prison just before the millionaires were affected by the super sausage… This might sound crazy put I think that he’s behind it all… Because he was especially trained for it.” Signed by Head of Police. “P.S. Meet me at 10 to midday tomorrow.Good luck.”

Expectant to discover the mystery, they went to bed.

By early morning Tim, Tom and Twiler woke up to see the newspaper on their doormat with the headline saying: “The mystery of the magic sausage continues”

“We should get ready to see the sheriff,” reminded Twiler.

“Once and for all you’re right, Twiler!”

Of they went and even Tom was looking smart!

“Oh thank goodness, you’ve come! Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll give you your orders right away,” rushed the sheriff.

“We´re all ears!”’ answered Tim.

“Well, firstly I’ve discovered that the prisoner took a boat called ‘PP’ which stands for..” He was interrupted by the phone.

Following up the next happenings of these brave and courageous detectives, there they were, inside the boat, waiting for it to take sail off when suddenly they were caught red-handed inside the hold.


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