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The Initiation

The Initiation

Nicole Allen


What happened to the days
When you’d cry and they’d beg you to stop?
What happened to the days
When you’d run away
And after a second they’d miss you?
What happened to those days
When everything would be alright
All because they swore on their life?
What happened to those times
When “taking your life in your hands”
Meant crossing your heart,
Hoping to die?
And when did that glorious golden time
Become lost in your mind in this dense, misty haze?
Where was the crossing line
Between here and your last life?
How can you think about living like this
Coming straight from that rich, carefree life?

You scream for everything you loved,
What happened to those poor, poor old days?
Oh, it’s not them, my child,
But you
You grew up, my friend.
Did we never tell you
that those days would end?



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